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Album Design
Classic Clean

Our Classic Clean design style focuses on the simple yet classy presentation of imagery. Stylistic design elements are kept at a minimum so as to maintain focus on the images. Backgrounds are kept simple in primarily black or white. Adornments are kept to a minimum and are subtle touches, such as thin borders.


Our Ambiance design style incorporates images into the background of pictures. The background images enhance the layout and it can be used with varying degrees of opacity and fades. The use of backgrounds can be frequent or kept to a minimum, as per the clients’ needs.


Our Fusion design style is our most vivid layout. It uses textures, patterns adornments, edge fades, and border effects to set itself apart. This style gives vintage look to some pictures.  The effects can be kept subtle or powerful, as per the clients’ needs


This design style adds embellishments to enhance the overall design. It can be subtle or generous, but the overall goal is to provide additional design elements without overwhelming the images.